What’s What’s Your Web Face all about?

What’s Your Web Face is a blog about how people tend to represent themselves online. Generally speaking, most people try to be respectful online, but there are always the people who either don’t know how to act politely online, or don’t care to act appropriately online. It is the intention of this blog to help teach the former how to act online, and how to teach everyone how to better deal with the latter.

The internet can be a scary and unfriendly place to those who aren’t familiar with how to present themselves online. The internet is so full of people, information, sites, blogs, tweets, social media, how do you present your self to others? Sometimes on that social media site your friends invited you to there are people upset and you don’t know why. We’ll try to give you some general guidelines on what the internet’s rules are, and how to carry yourself across it well.

Then there are the people who don’t want to present themselves well. The ones who fling out terms and phrases such as, stfu n00b, gtfo, and just unleash a torrent of insults and personal abuse. Then even below that, there are the people who try to drag that out of other people online. People who navigate the internet need to know how to deal with people like this and the possible pi falls that can lead to acting in such an offensive manner.

About the Posters of Web Face…

Matthew Moore, Aka Plotholeman

Matthew Moore is presently an undergraduate student at Rowan University, Dual Majored in English and Writing arts. He is age 25, and already is feeling old in a world of web 2.0 and social media. Usually he keeps to himself, but is trying to reach out a little more in recent times.

Matt has never particularly care for social media, nor does he care for online interaction much at all. Matt will focus more on the negative aspects of social interaction online, with such topics as, G.I.F.T., trolling, and general inter personal abuse online. Since he never cared for online interaction, he decided it was best to put his vitriol for the subject to good use by focusing on the lesser aspects of online interaction.

Amy McKeever

Amy McKeever is a Senior at Rowan University. She is an Elementary Education and Liberal Studies dual major. She just finished her four year field hockey career at Rowan and was the captain of the team her last season. She is eager to learn more about the newest and latest technology along with ways to help improve her writing.

Amy enjoys social media because it is a place to keep in touch and share pictures and events with family and friends who live far away. She actively uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Amy will focus on many different topics about social media, but will zone in on how important it is to keep your web face professional. She will also discuss how easily accessible and fast information can be seen on social media.

Nicole Agli

Nicole Agli is a forever super senior at Rowan University. She’s dual majoring in Elementary Education and Writing Arts and also aspires to be certified in Special Education. Nicole finds the many ways of expressing yourself through writing fasnicating (she’s a linguistic learner after all). With outlets such as blogging and tweeting, expressing yourself through words has been taken to a whole new level and never been more fun!

For her portion of the blog, Nicole is going to focus on ways to effectively use social media. There are ways and techniques you could use to further enhance your experience with these new technologies. Learning how to use them effectively can be beneficial for all.

Ana Kolbach

Ana Kolbach is currently a junior at Rowan University, majoring in both Elementary Education and Liberal Arts.  After traveling to Chile this past summer and working in a school for children with down’s syndrome, Ana hopes to work in the field of special education after college. Ana has aspirations in working for many different schools in many different place since traveling is a passion of hers.

Ana’s blog contributions to the site will show how the World Wide Web can hurt and help you. The internet is a great place to connect with people, and also find out information on people. Ana will show you how to put your best foot forward on the web and how to make connections with new people to achieve your dreams!


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