Re: Make Twitter Your Favorite Way to Meet People

Recently, Jenn Adams tweeted an article that I found very interesting and pertained to our group’s topic of social media. It is titled “Make Twitter Your Favorite Way to Meet People” and written by John Muscarello. One tweet led John Muscarello to having drinks with the co-founder of a multimillion dollar company. Dave Kerpen is the co-founder of Likeable Media and is a New York Times best selling author. He wrote a great article titled “Summer Is the Time for Networking. Grab a Margarita. Muscarello loved sharing great articles with his network so he tweeted a link. Dirk ended up responding to Muscarello telling him that anytime is a great time for a margarita. Muscarello was just going to respond with “I’m not going to argue with you!” but, instead, he wrote that plus “Being that we are all from NY, would you be interested in grabbing margaritas?” From there, they set up a day to have margaritas and made it an open event for other Twitter followers. 70 people ended up registering for the event.

The event was a lot of fun and Muscarello ended up meeting two very successful and interesting people. This article was really cool to read. Networking on twitter is one simple way to meet new people. It allows you to contact/ communicate people who may be very successful or even famous. Most of the time these people will not respond, but it is definitely cool to know that there is a possibility. Twitter opens up the doors for opportunities. Tweeting articles and following interesting people could result in opportunities that we never thought could be possible.


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