Re: Building Online Reputation

Recently, Nicole Agli tweeted an article that I found very interesting and pertained to our group’s topic of social media. It is titled “The No Nonsense Guide to Building Online Reputation and Influence” and written by James Arnold. What’s Your Web Face discusses many areas about one’s reputation on the internet and on social media. Although the article mainly talks about building online reputation from a company’s standpoint, there are many good points that individuals can take from the article as well.

One line from the article that really caught my attention was “failure to protect your online reputation can cost you dearly”. I have read many articles and watched many videos about professionals who have lost their jobs due to inappropriate posts they made on social media. Your online reputation plays a huge role in everyone’s life. It will cost you dearly if you are not smart about what you post.

The article goes on to share some tips that could help us to build an impressive online presence. Building online reputation is not easy. The web is already very congested so it takes effort to be original, creative, and still uphold our reputation. The article first tells us that we need to focus on our target audience. If most of our followers are educators, short articles and content about education would be a great thing to post. The information you post must be interesting, informative, and thought provoking. The article also suggests that you are active on social media. This doesn’t mean tweeting all day long or constantly updating your Facebook status, but it means to engage with your fans and followers.

I found this article interesting especially since many employers today are using social media as a way to look at applicants. We should try our best to look professional on social media.


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