Re: A Better Online Reputation – Business Standpoint

Recently, Nicole Agli tweeted an article that I found very interesting and pertained to our group’s topic on social media. It discusses the ways that businesses can build a better online reputation. The article is titled “12 Steps to a Better Online Reputation” and written by Andy Beal. Since I am a student hoping to have a full time job soon after I graduate, I have realized that my web face should be quite professional. This article was eye opening because it discussed the ways that businesses can make their reputation online better also.

The steps were: (1) benchmark your existing online reputation, (2) identify your different reputations: brand, products, CEO name, slogans, and marketing messages, (3) listen to what your customers are saying about you; it’s free market research, (4) claim and build out your social media profiles, (5) create amazing content that others will want to share and Google will want to display, (6) always take the time to thank your supporters for their favorable tweets or blog posts, (7) provide your customers with a great customer service experience, (8) never talk trash about your competitors, it makes you both look bad, (9) be proactive in building online reviews and learn from the negative ones, (10) monitor your online reputation for any unhappy customers, disgruntled employees, or critical bloggers, (11) when you make a mistake, apologize quickly and be transparent in your explanation, (12) learn from your mistakes. Build a better company and you’ll build a better reputation.

This article was interesting to read. I never realized how important it is for businesses and companies to have a great online reputation. The content we put on the web is permanent and can affect our reputation. Companies want to have a great reputation for business just as much as people want to have a great reputation for the own being.


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