Conversing through Twitter

I am a very new user to Twitter, I would not even suggest following me because I do not post anything very interesting and I usually allow Twitter to go by the way side because it is just a concept that I cannot grasp. Through this blog post I’m going to showing different ways you can use twitter, but most importantly, how to communicate with someone through twitter.

My goal was to try to start a conversation with someone through Twitter, but that goal can sometimes be unachievable when other twitter users do not respond.

Thanks to youtube, that short little video explains what a conversations on twitter rather easily, so how come twitter users (usually famous people) do not respond? Perhaps they are busy but most likely, it is not their personal twitter, one which they check regularly, or often they have someone else managing their twitter accounts.  Something you can look for is seeing if their twitter account is “Verified”.  When you look through someones feed and it is normal human things such as “I want to go…I am eating…etc”, activities any basic human does, but when their tweets look more like:


maybe you should look around their account more to see if it is one, a person and two, them and not their manager.

I hope these few things help people understand twitter conversations and why perhaps they are not working for you. Most twitter conversations happen between friends, so log on and chat up your buddies.


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  1. I agree, Twitter can be confusing. I had a Twitter a few years ago, but I deleted because I got bored with it. I not have many followers and I did not know a lot of people on Twitter. Recently, I have learned that Twitter has many uses and is not boring if it is used properly. I always thought that Twitter was just where you tell people what you are doing, but it is more of a community. It is made to network with people, especially strangers. I never really understood this concept until taking this class with Professor Wolff. I think we easily give us when it comes to new technology. Sometimes when we just research how to make use of technology, we can find out how useful the new tool can be. Like you said, we get disappointed when people do not respond to us, but we do not research why they may not be responding. Twitter is very different from other social media because it allows us to network with people that we do not know, and it is perfectly acceptable.

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