RE: Leadership and the Workplace

Leadership, it is truly all around us, there is always someone at the head of the pack leading their team members on. Will you be that person? @yseguinotWRT tweeted an article on Leadership, I wanted to break it down and bring in other ideas to give everyone a whole sense of leadership, along with how and where to use it. Leadership can be used in all aspects of your life; work,organizations, friends. It is how you use it in these places that shows if you are a good leader. Leaders strive to solve problems and create long lasting solutions, but there are somethings leaders do not realize they must also achieve while problem solving.

1. Constructive versus destructive communication

When communicating with others you want it to be an honest conversation, false statements are not valued when it comes to growth (self, corporations,organizations). Honesty is always the best policy.At the same time constructive communication needs boosts people up, shows that them that what they are saying is important and valued.  Conversations needs to be consistent, leaders need the communication to keep the positive growth consistent and the negative side effects to a minimum. Having open communication with your team members shows that each of them are valued and that their input is important, which leads us to…

2. Seeking input

You cannot just assume that people are going to come right up to you and tell you what is going right and what is going wrong, as a leader, you need to step out of your element and ask questions. Ask your team members, in groups as well as one on one, what things is the team and you the leader are doing well. Not only knowing the things that are going well are important, but knowing what things aren’t doing so well, where can you improve. Oftentimes, the boss has one on one sit down with their employees to evaluate them, to seek input on your own leadership have those same sit down but ask your team members how you as a leader are doing. Everyone can always improve. Showing your team members that their thoughts are important show that you trust them. Creating a team where everyone voice is heard will make everyone work that much harder because they know that it is on them just as much as the leader.

Seeking input can get hair and messy but that is why leaders have to do it. Everyone must dive into the comments that we often might not want to here, we must…

3. Engage in difficult Conversations

Criticism, it can be good and it can be bad, even constructive criticism can be taken in a negative way. As leaders we have to put ourselves out there and get uncomfortable. If you aren’t uncomfortable yet there is always more that you can be doing. The difficult conversations can included multiple subject, the most common one is team accountability. In a team everyone must do their part, so what should you do when someone is not putting in their one hundred percent. In the most respectful way, you have to sit them down and have an honest conversation of their role in the team. A leader must address problems with people directly. Do not make a production of the problem at hand,

As a leader you must realize that these conversations are not meant to be mean. They are only meant to help improve each member of the team.

A good leader is constructive, seeks input and can separate logic from emotion. To put leadership in a great way is Drew Dudley. He talks about how leadership can be an everyday thing, just check this out:


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