Re: The wrong way to teach grammar

Yesiris from class recently tweeted a short article posted on the Atlantic about the most effective way to teach Grammar. It seems the old way of repetitive pencil to paper exercises don’t prove themselves well. It seems one study even showed three separate students with different strategies to learning grammar. The third group was never provided grammar lessons but given creative writing lessons. Not one exceed the other except it seemed the two groups that had grammar lessons despised it!

I agree with the backwards design way to teach grammar through writing, rather than writing from grammar. I definitely think this almost makes learning the grammar a more personal experience for students. This is because they are learning from their writing and not a unified lesson that they may not understand. I would say it is considered differentiated learning because it’s a personal approach to how children learn. The way children learn grammar through their work makes it almost automatically streamlined to fit them. They will learn it and incorporate it into their writing by their terms not by “correct terms.”

I feel with the rules of grammar, you feel forced to write a certain way with a certain voice. Hopefully this approach is picked up by other schools and institutions to help give students their own voice in a still legible, intellectual manner.



  1. Grammar is a tough subject to learn and difficult to follow because there really are so many rules about it. I took a class last semester and still don’t feel fully confident in the subject matter. Sometimes the backwards design will be most effective when teaching something like grammar.

  2. I enjoyed how you brought this up, I have to agree jbonder21, Grammar is one of the hardest subjects to teach. There are so many rules and exceptions it is hard to keep things straight. I took a class exactly for this, how to teach grammar, and it is still confusing. Thank goodness for so many teacher resources, I could not think of grammar lessons on my own.

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