What is LinkedIn all about?

Today I read an article by Rob Asghar, a contributor on Forbes. His article focused LinkedIn profiles, and my blog is going to be an exploration of LinkedIn, a website that I’ve heard so much about but do not actually understand to use. So firstly I’m going to google “how to use LinkedIn”

The video walked me through why LinkedIn is important and how to generally use it. The video is very helpful so I suggest that you watch it too.

Not having a profile myself, one of my friends, Brandon allowed me log into his, perhaps after I will make one myself.

After logging in I go to the home page, much like facebook or twitter, this home page give an overview on connections made to the profile.


The first thing I notice is a pop up showing which people have been looking at the profile recently. Most of the people that are already connect to the profile. When you check to see which people have checked out your profile you have the option to message them or explore their profile. Going down the homepage, LinkedIn suggests other profiles to follow that go along with the profile already made. The home page also shows jobs that are posted that are connect to your, or in this case Brandon’s profile.  This home page also shows connections your friends have made to other people, much like facebook.

The most important thing about LinkedIn is that you can represent yourself in the most professional setting. By creating a working resume and having connections with professionals in your field shows a great deal about your attitude towards your career. 



  1. This is interesting. I’ve always heard about LinkedIn and it seems like a good way to network with professionals and show yourself in a professional manner. Not sure I know the ins and outs of it, but it seems like a good idea and I’ll have to look into it more. Good blog post.

  2. This was very interesting to read. I personally do not have a LinkedIn, but I have heard about it. My roommate has one and uses it in a professional manner. I think it’s a great idea for people looking to connect with professionals. I’m glad there’s a video that explains the details of it. Great post!

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