Google Yourself

Today, I wanted to know what my employers would find if they googled me, most importantly what embarrassing things would they find about me and would it change my chances of getting a job. So I did just that, I logged out of every social media account I had (facebook,instagram,google+) to see what the public and my future boss may see.

I begin to google myself…

A bunch of results, to 53,600 results to be exact. So let me begin to explore what the World Wide Web knows about me.

The first result is facebook. I have to open it, what can the public see about what I think is a private page about me and my life.  After opening facebook as a public viewer, people can see my profile pictures, cover pictures, and my interests. Thankfully all my other information is hidden unless we become facebook “friends”.

So what else came up on my own Google search? An Anna Kolbach (spelled with two n’s), not me. My fourth result was my Prezi account, with three of my Prezi’s on display for anyone to see. This is not a big since they were all created for some class. My fifth through eighth result for the search of Ana Kolbach on Google consists of my pole vaulting career from high school and college.  Going through pages of me and Anna Kolbach on the web I find other accounts I have made, such as Diigo , and my involvement with Rowan University in many different areas. It’s good to say that I’m a pretty boring person on the web.

One very interesting thing I found on the web was my family tree:
Let me zoom in so you can actually see me!

There I am. Even though I am an incredibly boring person on the web, what could someone do to keep their professionalism online?

After reading an article by Alan Henry to help clean up your online appearance. He breaks it down to many simple steps but I’ll highlight just a few of them:

Step 1: Just as I did, search for yourself on Google and Facebook. Really click around to see how deep someone can get into your life, find those embarrassing pictures. Did you find results you did not enjoy? Well Google has a way to fix these things.  It is by removing content or website when a search is done to you. Google has a step by step process to removing information about yourself on the internet. Thank you Google!

When it come to facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google +, make those pages private or even delete them all together. That way no one can can take information about you with out your consent.

Step 2: The second step of this process is to boost yourself up by creating profiles that truly represent you in your best light.  Henry suggests by getting your own domain and turn that website into your own profile which can hold your resume, photos, interests and anything positive that represents you. You can even use this new domain as your email!

So what is your web face? I hope this post inspires you to search and then clean up what people see about you online.



  1. Well I have to agree I did google myself and thankfully I am pretty much nonexistent! The only thing that came up was my twitter account and that was pretty boring and a couple of my pictures in google images! I am glad you posted this because many people should check to make sure what comes up when they google themselves because this could make or break a career!

  2. Thank you for this post! I came across some random photos from high school that are probably best deleted but nothing inappropriate. I do not think people realized how many random times you put your name on something on the internet that could potentially be pulled up by someone else for better or worse. I think it is definitely important to be aware of your internet activity and to Google yourself often!

  3. I hate the fact that I can’t be myself online. If I act like that, I feel that people won’t hire me because of some thing I said years ago. This comment its self will probably serve as a good example of that too. I’m not sure if deleting info will help as much as some people think. There is the old saying, “the devil you know over the devil you do not” to deal with after all.

    If split between two people, who are you going to hire? The person who barley exists online and you don’t know much about their personality,or the person who is questionable in some areas, but he gladly posts to everything and it’s all on public so you can spy on him. Highly unethical yes, but this is capitalism. Since when does business let ethics get in the way of profits?

  4. This is definitely an interesting post. I don’t think people realize exactly what is out there on the Internet about them. There are pictures, thoughts, comments, and biographies about almost everybody in the world. Everybody should really be aware about what they’re seeing online about themselves.

  5. This was a very interesting post. After reading it, I also googled myself. I found that there were so many links about me, but they were all about my field hockey career at Rowan and throughout high school. There were also about ten pictures of me, but they were all of me playing field hockey. I try to keep my social networks private and only visible for my friends to see. I never post anything bad, but I find it weird that strangers could look around and stalk your accounts. This article was very eye opening and fun to read. It made me want to Google myself and see what my “web face” was like too.

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