The Social Media Experiment

After learning about how easily accessible and public information is on social media, I began to search more about the topic. I came across an article that I found to be extremely interesting. Jillian D’Onfro writes the article titled “This Guy Stalks Strangers On Social Media And Confronts Them In The Street With Everything He Knows About Them”.

Comedian Jack Vale searches through social media posted near his current location. He then stalked the posts by these people and found them on the streets. Once he found them, he spouted information that he had learned about them. Many people were freaked out and shocked that a stranger could find so much information about them. One of the people Jack approaches is named Jessica. He approaches her by saying her name and then continues on to mention her dog, Paris. He also mentioned the dog’s nickname, “Par-bear”. Lastly, he states her last name.

From this experiment, I learned just how easy it is for random strangers to find information about me. It is important to keep your accounts private, unless you are willing to let the rest of the world see what you post. I especially think that younger people such as teenagers should definitely have their accounts on private. Jack Vale could have been a very dangerous person approaching these people on the streets knowing so much about them.



  1. That was definitely an eye-opening post. I know personally I’m like an open book on the internet, but I get frazzled when I see that other people I know in real life may know who I am on the web. It’s definitely something we should all be conscious about and I’m really glad you made a blog post about it. Awesome video!

  2. I think this is such an important article! Especially, like you mention, to the younger generations who have all their personal information exposed to the world. Its scary to think that we really have people out there who do this for a living, but for harmful reasons. Jack Vale needs to be a little careful when doing this because he can confront the wrong person or he can get the right people are be on time to stop them from exposing themselves to strangers online. I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t want strangers being able to track me down; just saying. 🙂

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