Social Media Task List

Since the popularity and explosion of technology and social media, many people have turned to the computer and internet for advertisement or business related purposes. Since many of these people probably started out with personal profiles before professional, it can be tricky to determine what is important when it comes to maintaining their professional electronic profile.

While browsing through Zite I came across this article that featured a graphic “checklist” one could use to determine if you are using your technology in the most effective way possible.

Having a personal profile such as Facebook, you get the satisfaction of posting about your breakfast, ranting about that episode of “The Bachelor” or sharing photos of the snow day. With a professional profile not as much. While it may be fun to incorporate some personal touches into a business or professional page, it can be distracting.

I think one of the most important things to take from this list is staying connected with others. When you interact with others through the correct way, people are drawn to your site and want to keep coming back. If you never respond or post anything of relevancy that might interest your audience, they may think you’re just a robot behind the computer screen.

Another important thing to keep in mind is relevancy. If you are a person running a twitter website for a certain company that deals with (for example) fitness, you should stick to retweeing/tweeting about other tweets that have to do with fitness. Make your professional profile stay on track.

While these little tasks may seem time consuming, they are important to utilize into your social media routine to obtain the best results. Engaging and connecting with one another the right way really ties people together and strengthens the 0nline community in the most healthy, beneficial way possible. Whether it be expanding your business or advertising, this task list is a good place to start.



  1. I have to say, just looking at that task list feels like it’s sucking time away from me. I don’t think could manage to score all the points on one of those lists with the down time I have, let alone all of them. I guess that means I fail. This list really seems to prove to me that there is such a thing as too much communication.

    The fact that people would actually need a checklist to prove how well the communicate online worries me. If I were to make a checklist based around expected interactions offline I can’t help but think people would think I was raving mad. You must talk to at least ten people for over ten minutes, Daily. You must shake at least seven hands, Daily. You must give or receive at least three hugs, Weekly. It just sounds kind of obsessive to me.

    1. I never thought of it that way and completely agree! It is very daunting to have to worry about so many things online. Along with your comment on my other post, it’s like someone can have two different personalities on and off the web. Who the employer wants them to be, and who they really are.

  2. I have to agree with Matt. I don’t think that I could manage to score all of those points either, but at the same time, they are good suggestions to use for your social media – when you have the time. Like Nicole stated, one of the main points to take in from the check list was that the main point is to stay connected with others. Also, making sure that your social media is professional is very important.

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