Is Social Media a Fad?

This semester I have two required classes for my major which incorporate social media into many of our assignments. The courses are (1) Intro to Writing Arts and (2) Writing, Research, and Technology. In fact, I needed to create a twitter to use for both of these classes. After tweeting, blogging, and watching many videos through YouTube for these classes, I have realized how much social media is involved in our every day lives. I recently came across a video on YouTube called “Social Media Revolution” by Erik Qualman which made it even more clear to me about the era we are living in today.

As a daily user of many social medias, I found this video to be extremely interesting. It had many facts about the popularity of social media. We are doing many things through social media that we used to do face to face. For instance, the video states that one out of every eight couples married in the United States last year met through social media. Facebook has grown so much in the past few years that if it were a country, it would be the world’s fourth largest.

Social media is influential in the choices we make every day. For instance, 34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands. We are very inclined to search and read about a specific product before we go out and buy it. Seventy-eight percent of consumers trust peer recommendations while only fourteen percent of customers trust advertisements. In today’s era, we listen to others through social media.

In 2009, the US Department of Education did a study that revealed that on average, online students out performed those receiving face-to-face instruction. Is this implying that we find ourselves more focused and able to learn by looking at a computer screen versus being able to learn by a human being? I find this to be shocking. When I think of the word education, I picture a classroom filled with students sitting in front of a teacher or professor. It makes me wonder if technology could ever replace the teacher one day.

Social media has even been used to find employees. Eighty percent of companies are using LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees. This made me think back to the overall theme of our blog “What’s Your Web Face?”. Social media is growing more and more every day. Our friends are not the only people looking at our social media accounts. Professionals, employees, and many other people in the world have easy access to our accounts. Being professional on social media is greatly important due to how popular and easily accessible it is today. How professional is your web face on social medias?


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