Twitter Conversation

Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have reached out to a few educators in my field, but have been unsuccessful in hearing back from them. Many of them had many followers and I am guessing that they may get a lot of “buzz”. They may not have had the time to answer back or they may have overlooked the notification. I know from experience that I can be very busy with school work and sometimes even forget to answer my friends or family when they contact me. Although this module has ended, I would like to continue to reach out to educators in the future and hope to get some good ideas from articles and information that they tweet.

Twitter Conversation

Recently I tweeted one of my favorite blog writers, Brian Rubenstein, to ask how he got into writing, he eventually became a writer for The Soup, Tosh.O, and currently the show Suburgatory.

I tweeted him…

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 8.31.22 PM

So I emailed him. I had his email previously from having to ask him for his password to his new blog site.

His response…(click to enlarge)

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 8.34.44 PM

I really enjoy Brian’s writing style for my entertainment purposes. Although I may not be necessarily be aiming for a profession in the writing for entertainment industry I still enjoy most forms and styles of writing and find it a wonderful way to express myself. If anyone I can touch me with their styles of writing I consider it pretty special and unique and Brian’s writing does that for me which I reached out to him.

Re: A Better Online Reputation – Business Standpoint

Recently, Nicole Agli tweeted an article that I found very interesting and pertained to our group’s topic on social media. It discusses the ways that businesses can build a better online reputation. The article is titled “12 Steps to a Better Online Reputation” and written by Andy Beal. Since I am a student hoping to have a full time job soon after I graduate, I have realized that my web face should be quite professional. This article was eye opening because it discussed the ways that businesses can make their reputation online better also.

The steps were: (1) benchmark your existing online reputation, (2) identify your different reputations: brand, products, CEO name, slogans, and marketing messages, (3) listen to what your customers are saying about you; it’s free market research, (4) claim and build out your social media profiles, (5) create amazing content that others will want to share and Google will want to display, (6) always take the time to thank your supporters for their favorable tweets or blog posts, (7) provide your customers with a great customer service experience, (8) never talk trash about your competitors, it makes you both look bad, (9) be proactive in building online reviews and learn from the negative ones, (10) monitor your online reputation for any unhappy customers, disgruntled employees, or critical bloggers, (11) when you make a mistake, apologize quickly and be transparent in your explanation, (12) learn from your mistakes. Build a better company and you’ll build a better reputation.

This article was interesting to read. I never realized how important it is for businesses and companies to have a great online reputation. The content we put on the web is permanent and can affect our reputation. Companies want to have a great reputation for business just as much as people want to have a great reputation for the own being.

Re: Make Twitter Your Favorite Way to Meet People

Recently, Jenn Adams tweeted an article that I found very interesting and pertained to our group’s topic of social media. It is titled “Make Twitter Your Favorite Way to Meet People” and written by John Muscarello. One tweet led John Muscarello to having drinks with the co-founder of a multimillion dollar company. Dave Kerpen is the co-founder of Likeable Media and is a New York Times best selling author. He wrote a great article titled “Summer Is the Time for Networking. Grab a Margarita. Muscarello loved sharing great articles with his network so he tweeted a link. Dirk ended up responding to Muscarello telling him that anytime is a great time for a margarita. Muscarello was just going to respond with “I’m not going to argue with you!” but, instead, he wrote that plus “Being that we are all from NY, would you be interested in grabbing margaritas?” From there, they set up a day to have margaritas and made it an open event for other Twitter followers. 70 people ended up registering for the event.

The event was a lot of fun and Muscarello ended up meeting two very successful and interesting people. This article was really cool to read. Networking on twitter is one simple way to meet new people. It allows you to contact/ communicate people who may be very successful or even famous. Most of the time these people will not respond, but it is definitely cool to know that there is a possibility. Twitter opens up the doors for opportunities. Tweeting articles and following interesting people could result in opportunities that we never thought could be possible.

Re: Building Online Reputation

Recently, Nicole Agli tweeted an article that I found very interesting and pertained to our group’s topic of social media. It is titled “The No Nonsense Guide to Building Online Reputation and Influence” and written by James Arnold. What’s Your Web Face discusses many areas about one’s reputation on the internet and on social media. Although the article mainly talks about building online reputation from a company’s standpoint, there are many good points that individuals can take from the article as well.

One line from the article that really caught my attention was “failure to protect your online reputation can cost you dearly”. I have read many articles and watched many videos about professionals who have lost their jobs due to inappropriate posts they made on social media. Your online reputation plays a huge role in everyone’s life. It will cost you dearly if you are not smart about what you post.

The article goes on to share some tips that could help us to build an impressive online presence. Building online reputation is not easy. The web is already very congested so it takes effort to be original, creative, and still uphold our reputation. The article first tells us that we need to focus on our target audience. If most of our followers are educators, short articles and content about education would be a great thing to post. The information you post must be interesting, informative, and thought provoking. The article also suggests that you are active on social media. This doesn’t mean tweeting all day long or constantly updating your Facebook status, but it means to engage with your fans and followers.

I found this article interesting especially since many employers today are using social media as a way to look at applicants. We should try our best to look professional on social media.


Prezi Presentation On How Writing is Changing

I have constructed a prezi on the changing face of writing and literacy. This is the capstone assignment for the first module of one of my classes this semester and I’m not sure I came to a satisfying end, as all I did was posit questions and I don’t feel I provided much in the way of answers. Enjoy.

Conversing through Twitter

I am a very new user to Twitter, I would not even suggest following me because I do not post anything very interesting and I usually allow Twitter to go by the way side because it is just a concept that I cannot grasp. Through this blog post I’m going to showing different ways you can use twitter, but most importantly, how to communicate with someone through twitter.

My goal was to try to start a conversation with someone through Twitter, but that goal can sometimes be unachievable when other twitter users do not respond.

Thanks to youtube, that short little video explains what a conversations on twitter rather easily, so how come twitter users (usually famous people) do not respond? Perhaps they are busy but most likely, it is not their personal twitter, one which they check regularly, or often they have someone else managing their twitter accounts.  Something you can look for is seeing if their twitter account is “Verified”.  When you look through someones feed and it is normal human things such as “I want to go…I am eating…etc”, activities any basic human does, but when their tweets look more like:


maybe you should look around their account more to see if it is one, a person and two, them and not their manager.

I hope these few things help people understand twitter conversations and why perhaps they are not working for you. Most twitter conversations happen between friends, so log on and chat up your buddies.